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PayDay Wishlist

August 04, 2015

Currently in the process of trying not to do the whole spend-all-my-money-within-one-week-of-payday-and-be-all-kinds-of-broke-for-the-rest-of-the-month thing. But let's be honest it never happens! GIMME.

Black Strappy Shoes - I've included two pairs because I couldn't choose (DON'T MAKE ME DO IT) -the top left mules of ma dreams from ASOS and the middle right Topshop Barton beauties. I'll probably get both as I have, not a lot of money, but more of it than sense when it comes to shoes. 

The Foxes tee I tried getting online the morning her collection launched at H&M, alas, to no avail. It's still out of stock now but I refuse to give in. Failing this, I would like one of the Topshop tees the staff were wearing when I was last in the Oxford Street store - why are they not for sale????!!!!

Mom Jeans - something up until now I've never dared approach but I'm craving them lately! I think they'd look so awesome with a band tee and some sliders -perfect comfy day time outfit!

Books - because, well books. I'm on the quest for some great girl-power-kick-ass-career women books lately and GirlBoss is definitely going to be the next one I purchase. Urban Outfitters are also doing 3 for 2 on books at the moment oh em geeeeeee so I may have a little literature spree on there. Moon magazine isn't included in the offer but is on the 'must buy' list too!

Speaking of UO - both of these duvet sets are in the sale and, as I couldn't choose a colour, I included both! Love, love, love them. 

While on the hunt for more comfy trousers I came across the black skinny fit Nike joggers on ASOS. Smitten. Waiting/praying for these to come back in stock in my size.

The watch - it's just so simple and lovely and only £22 and I just love it. 

An oyster card holder because my current one is grey and takes me about 9 years to find it in the deepest pit of my bag. I just feel this is, you know, a practical purchase that will save me so much time and stress and keep my blood pressure in check and completely isn't a waste of money, you know? 

And the Chloé Drew because sometimes it's nice to live in a dream world. 

What's on your wishlist?
1 comment on "PayDay Wishlist"
  1. That watch is gorgeous! It sucks that I have the world's tiniest wrists and arms so I tend to avoid things like watches as bracelets. I love Foxes' H&M collection. It's so young, fun and carefree. I'm definitely going to get that shirt and some other jumper I saw that I liked! Great wishlist! x