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August 31, 2015

Firstly, how in the world is it the first day of SEPTEMBER tomorrow? 

2015 , I implore you please slow down a little bit during these last 4 months...

And secondly, I would like to share some of my favourite new purchases/discoveries I've made this rather grey, wet and gloomy August. Hope you enjoy!


MAC Bombshell

Quite literally the most perfect shade of pink lipstick I have ever laid eyes on. I was out looking for a suitable replacement for Avon's Pink Quartz (after finally admitting that scraping out the dregs with a lip brush in public is really not a good look, nor is it at all convenient) and I ended up finding the perfect match only, like, better. It's the most beautiful, subtle pink but still has that little shimmer to it to - ideal for everyday wear without being at all boring. Did I mention it's perfect

Lush Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

Now imagine my elation when I cut this bad boy in half only to find a gold glitter centre - I mean, not quite the dragon as advertised, but a close second nonetheless. 
Now it's a well known fact that the inclusion of glitter makes everything 10x more fabulous and bathing is no exception to this rule. And it makes you smell like a dream. 

Emporio Armani - Diamonds

While we're on the subject of smelling like a dream - I've worn this perfume so much these past few weeks my jackets, bed sheets and cats all whiff of it. Little bit fruity, little bit floral but with a vanilla base note to give it a little oomph. Had this bought as a birthday gift and will most definitely be repurchasing.

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo

About 6 weeks back I balayaged the barnet - since then the inevitable yellowing of the bronde/beige tones has taken effect and after many many purple shampoo review reads I opted for the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes range. I bought the shampoo and the leave in conditioner (£8 for the shampoo or 2 Lee Stafford products for £10 in Boots at the brainer). I cannot stress enough how good these are, though to put it in perspective my boyfriend (emphasis on the boy i.e. male i.e. I usually have to point out to him when I've had 6 inches of hair cut off) commented the day after my first use -'have you lightened your hair again?'. GIRLS, IT WORKS. 


Matt & Nat Dreamed Shoulder Bag (Dusk)

They got it so right with the name. I cannot express my love for this bag enough. It has two zip compartments and a little middle section with a magnetic clasp that's perfect for easy access to the important stuff - keys, oyster card, bank card, lipstick etc (also very secure and safe). It's this beautiful blue/grey colour (one of those colours that photos never, ever do justice) and best of all is top quality you-wouldn't-know-the-difference-if-you-hadn't-been-told vegan leather. Oh and it was £45 in the ASOS sale. Can I get an Amen?

H&M Loves Music X Foxes Tee

The morning the Foxes collection launched I was on the H&M website trying to get this tee. Of course, the internet being your ultimate frenemy, the website crashed and I couldn't get hold of it and then it sold out online and then I couldn't find it in any of the shops and then one day, I got optimistic, and I searched a whole rail of a similar style tee in the hope that one of these had mistakenly been put back in with them and lo and behold, right at the back, was this little precious that now sits in my wardrobe. 

Yes it's a Large but that's why Man invented the tumble dryer.  


The Weeknd - Beauty Behind the Madness

This one time, at Wireless Fest, I was forced to go to the Pepsi Max stage and watch The Weeknd (cue hilarious Cady Heron moment of 'is that a band?') and I've confused myself now with two too many film allusions in one sentence. I watched this guy at Wireless festival a few years back and I was instantly hooked. When a solo artist manages to create and retain this incredible stage presence and atmosphere you know they're a rare talent even if the songs he's singing to you are completely alien. 

There was much anticipation surrounding the release of this album, namely due to the absolute masterpieces gradually being released off it giving us a taste of the standard of his latest works, and (unsurprisingly) he didn't disappoint. 
Quite the f****** opposite actually

How to be Parisian // Leave Your Mark

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you these books are gradually changing my life. How to be Parisian is giving me all the killer advice a twenty-something female needs to live as chic a life as possible and Aliza Licht is helping me become the kind of career champion I've always dreamed of being. I think I'm going to do a whole post just on Aliza's book as there is too much to tell here about what it's taught me and the opportunities I've been given that I credit to the advice I was given in this book.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I haven't LOL'd at a TV show like I do with Brooklyn Nine-Nine since discovering Modern Family. The first season was finished in a matter of days and as I refuse to watch anything this good in shoddy low-def I'm impatiently awaiting the addition of a new series to Netflix. I've included a clip below of one of my all time favourite belly-laugh-inducing scenes just to show you what I mean:

I dunno if that's only funny in context but the moral of the story is still the same: WATCH IT!

Peace and love


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