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Summer in the City: Greenwich

July 26, 2015
greenwich market london blog post

I don't know about the rest of the UK but I know if you live anywhere in the vicinity of London your weather forecast for this weekend was grim, grim, a little less grim, and then some more grim. Saturday was the 'little less' part and though the weather was a bit bipolar at times (so unlike British weather, I know) on the whole it was pretty decent so I was determined to have a good old day out.

Cue Greenwich. I studied at the University of Greenwich and the area was my ultimate reason for doing so; I went to watch a play at the Playhouse (no, really) for my A-Level English Lit course and absolutely fell in love with every part of Greenwich I saw that night; the people, the incredible campus buildings, the FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS, the city lights across the water, even the DLR was a novelty that excited me back then; I was smitten. It's been two years since I left uni -*sobs*- and I haven't really been into Greenwich at all during that time so thought I would spend Saturday re-exploring all the delights of one of my all time favourite parts of our beautiful city.

First stop:


peyton and byrne london coffee shop bakery greenwich summer blog

peyton and byrne london coffee shop bakery greenwich summer blog

peyton and byrne london coffee shop bakery greenwich summer blog cakes

peyton and byrne london coffee shop bakery greenwich summer blog

peyton and byrne london coffee shop bakery greenwich summer blog lemon cake

I'm not much of a coffee drinker but I can tell you that their coconut hot chocolate is the BOMB. As are their lemon individuals (just remembered I still have half of this bad boy sitting in the fridge oh em geeee). And their decor and branding is just so clean-cut and chic I literally fell in love with everything about Peyton and Byrne.


Next stop was the market - I didn't get many pictures as it was HEAVING and between my backpack and a tote bag full of picnic goodies (post coming soon on this one) it was enough of a struggle to navigate the mammoth crowds without adding picture-taking to the mix #boo. But, I did get a few snaps:

greenwich market london heart green cute blog

greenwich market coffee stall

Literally saw my rarely decaffeinated boyfriend's eyes light up when this stall came in to view - coffee of a whole plethora of flavours from Butterscotch Toffee to Jack Daniels; he opted for 100g of Butterscotch Toffee and 100g of Chocolate Mint (both ground) which cost just under £6.

greenwich market coffee stall packets

As afore-mentioned I don't 'do' coffee but these smell pretty amazing and the coffee monster boyfriend gives it his accredited seal of approval.

greenwich market food london pizza stall summer

greenwich market pizza stall food summer london

Nowwwwww, I'm a bit of a pizza freak. I think it has to do with growing up a fussy eater and my mum eventually giving in and just stock-piling pizza fingers like there was no tomorrow (oh my god pizza fingers were my life) - so eventually pizza just became my absolute number one fave. You know that emosh scene in Mean Girls where Cady describes loving Math because "it's the same in every country" - well pizza is my Math.

jennifer lawrence where's the pizza gif
So yeah, I got me some pizza. And after that in-depth build up in to how much I love the stuff, I was actually a little underwhelmed by this. But it was £3.50 for a good sized serving so value for money wise I can't really complain.

greenwich market london food stall portugese peri peri chicken

Conor, on the other hand, who will eat just about anything if you give him a fork, went for this Peri-Peri number from a Portugese stall that I didn't get the name of because I was too busy scoffing my pizza at the time and I'm actually gutted because this dish was incredible. The fact that so much got eaten before anybody remembered to take a picture speaks volumes. £6 most definitely well spent.

greenwich vintage market london

We then stopped by the Vintage Market for a little mooch and saw a sign for the 'Moonlight Market' that's taking place Friday 31st July - live music, Pimms, deck chairs and lot's of stalls to be perused so I think we're definitely going to check that out as it's running all day up 'til 10pm!

On return I will definitely be checking out Black Vanilla (GELATO PLACE - SAY NO MORE) as it was number one on my to-do list for Saturday but between P&B and the market food (churros hollaaaaaa) the food baby was already at a solid 6-months-gone.


Just admiring beautiful, beautiful London.

greenwich river shore summer london skyline blue

london greenwich summer bikes vintage blog

I'm always looking for new places to check out so would love to hear what you've all been up to this weekend and your favourite London hang-outs!

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  1. I've never been to the Greenwich area! I have no idea why, but it looks amazing. I'm obsessed with food markets and the area looks much more calm compared to somewhere like central London! Great pictures xx