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My Bucket-List #1

July 16, 2015
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Sometimes all it takes is for one person to share a really effing cool memory with you to trigger that little voice in your head that say's 'DO MORE COOL FUN SH*T'.

Yesterday my manager managed (eh eh) to instil in me a desire to go diving; I hate wet suits, I'm claustrophobic, I have an irrational fear of jellyfish and I only ever got as far as my purple ribbon in swimming (I'm not sure if the ribbons were a nationally acknowledged swimming award or indeed an exclusivity of my incredibly budget primary school but we basically got a 4cm cut of coloured ribbon for each doggy-paddling milestone we reached); and yet I want to go diving. Because I know it will be amazing and I know I'll experience a whole world that we just aren't privy to above ground. 

Which got me thinking about all the other things, especially those out of my comfort zone, that I would really love to do one day; so here goes:


cliff jump jumping sea summer bucket list ideas bucket-list

Just because I can only imagine how alive you must feel on the way down. 


coyote ugly bar scene singing can't fight the moonlight bucket list

Look past the humiliation and see all the fun you would have. And if you do it right it could be a nice little 'nanny was a rockstar' story for the grandkids. And I say 'preferably whilst drunk'  - I think the only way this is ever going to happen is for me to get completely wrecked until every inhibition in my mind and soul has whimpered away (plus it will be 10x more fun after a few tequila rosés). And here are the list of embarrassingly tragic yet absolutely perfect and mood-lifting karaoke songs that we all secretly love to listen to. 

Eternal Flame - The Bangles (though tbh honest I should really credit this to Atomic Kitten) 

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar

Ironic - Alanis Morissette 

Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell (obviously as some kind of Troy and Gabriella duet)

Let it Go - Queen Elsa (the ultimate)


simple small tattoo inspo arm quote tumblr love

A small, simple, meaningful one. I suffer with bouts of depression and bad anxiety so a permanent reminder to stay calm and positive is definitely on my wish-list. I'm just waiting on the right idea!


crossroads road trip britney spears bucket list ideas blog post tumblr

In the summer. In LA. In an open top car. Cram as many life experiences into one trip as is humanly possible and gather a lifetime's worth of 'oh my god, remember when..." <3


dancing in the rain high school musical troy gabriella cute tumblr

Preferably to Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly. If it rains at my wedding we are Troyella'ing that sh*t straight outside

I've just realised I could literally go on forever so I'm going to end it here as a part one and share some more in the future (and hopefully some posts about the ones I've done!). Would love to hear what dreams you have on your own bucket-lists!


2 comments on "My Bucket-List #1"
  1. I love this post! The road-trip and dancing in the rain to Taylor Swift are definitely on my bucket-list too!
    A few other things I'd love to do:
    1. Visit New York
    2. Write a book.
    3. Inspire people.
    4. To be able to make a difference in the world.

    (p.s I love your blog. Keep up the good work xx)

    1. Aw Abbie I'll have to add ALL of those ones to mine too!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting and I back at ya with the blog love - do you have a bloglovin profile? xx