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July 19, 2015
rong rong devoe fashion illustration anna wintour inspiration blog

I am so in love with illustrating at the moment and a big part of that love comes from looking at other artist's works. I'm constantly on the lookout for new illustrations/illustrators, and assume I'm not alone in this quest, so thought I would start sharing some of the pieces that inspire and motivate me on a daily basis with my own pictures. The talent/skill/God-given gifts that these artists have is truly breathtaking. Enjoy!


rong rong devoe fashion illustration inspiration colours watercolour blog 
The title photo of this post are also pieces by RongRong; I chose these three as I just love her use of colour in them - they add so much personality to the pictures. I'm desperate to start adding background colours to my work, I just need to get past the fear of messing up my pieces. 


hayden williams marykate and olsen fashion illustration inspiration

The ultimate illustrator draws the ultimate style icons #PraiseBe. It was Hayden's Kylie Jenner Selfie Series illustration that made me go out, buy all new sketchbooks, paints, brushes, pencils - THE WORKS- and jump back on the wagon. Endless thank yous.


kerrie hess fashion illustration inspiration blog post watercolour

I adore Kerrie's signature style - pieces like these with the background detailing (and token Dalmatian) are my faves though. It's not hard to see instantly why so many high end brands choose to collaborate with her - her works just ooze style and class. 


grace ciao fashion illustration inspiration blog post
Her use of petals is just phenomenal <3


jessica rae sommer jrs fashion illustration inspiration blog post
I could trawl Jessica Rae's website for hours quite easily. So much admiration for the detailing in her pictures!


city skyline watercolour illustration inspiration blog post

Love, love and love. I never considered using architecture as my subject but I have a burning desire to try my hand at a London skyline after seeing this.  


jennifer lilya fashion illustration inspiration blog post

I was given Jennifer's book as a gift a few months ago and it's helped me so much I couldn't recommend it enough. From determining the light sources, to techniques for painting different textures, this book is helping me no end. 


katie rodgers central park shadow dancers snow fashion illustration
What I love most about Paper Fashion illustrations is Katie's "unexpected canvas" shadow dancers. Snow-covered rocks in New York's Central Park, nail varnish spillages, take-away coffee cups, even the left-over sauce on your dinner plate; your art can be anywhere you want it to be. 


mac makeup lipstick fashion illustration vicki louise ward inspiration

Makeup, perfume, and other beauty products are definitely on my to-do list - these watercolour lipsticks are just a dream.


anum tariq fashion illustration inspiration blog post

The girls in her illustrations are always oozing so much sass I actually develop envy for a piece of a paper.


chanel chance perfume fashion illustration beata sapi inspiration blog post
Use of colours, textures, character, mixed materials. Beata's illustrations have everything you could ever want in an image - her website's a real treat for the peepers!

This is yet another post where I could go on, and on, and on so I'm going to leave it there for now and share some new sources of inspo in the future. 

I hope you enjoyed ogling these beautiful pieces of art as much as I did and, if you're debating getting the sketchpad back out or trying your hand at something new, my best advice is to just give it a go; I've had so much fun developing my skills over the last few months and am so, so glad I acted on the impulse after seeing that Kylie Jenner pic

If you have any illustrators who inspire you or if you've created some of your own pieces please leave links below as I'd love to see them!

-Lauren xox
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  1. I love all these illustrators, I love doing fashion drawing myself and it's great to see some inspiration :)