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Fashion Illustration: Tinie Tempah & Lewis Hamilton

June 27, 2015

tinie tempah lewis hamilton fashion illustration drawing art inspo style mens

Besides His Royal Highness Sir Lord David Beckham OBE, Tinie Tempah is most definitely thee most stylish man on British soil right no - encompassing everything unique, edgy and urban about Brit (of the Londoner variety in particz) fashion.

tinie tempah lewis hamilton fashion illustration style art drawing sketch painting

SO when I decided it was time to dabble in my first men's fashion illustration he was my go-to guy. AND THEN I stumbled upon the picture of a super sleek looking Tinie with an uber urban looking Lewis Hamilton and I was all smitten and inspired and totally not prepared for the stress and frustration that comes with trying to draw men.

tinie tempah and lewis hamilton lcm style inspo mens
The "creative" process...

tinie tempah lewis hamilton fashion illustration mens style lcm drawing art inspo

ikea white malm desk bedroom inspo style chic modern
And the workspace I make sure to keep as bright and inspiring as possible <3

 Overall I'm quite happy with how this piece turned out (post-shading in half of Lewis' face as pre-shading he was a ringer for Lord Voldemort in a Ray-Ban ad. #stillworkingonmynosedrawingskills) - although I am 99.9995% sure I'm going to add in a background of some colourful sort just to give it a little more character.

I'm also now on the hunt for more mens looks to re-create so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

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